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UK Secondary Care

The supplier of choice to the UK hospital sector.

Mawdsleys have been servicing hospitals across the world for over a decade. The majority of hospitals in the UK has an account with us, as do a large number of independent hospitals. In France, we supply to over 250 hospitals. Across the globe, we supply over 100,000 shipments a month to hospitals and healthcare companies.

To the UK we are one of the main four full line wholesalers, supplying a large range of contract and non contract products which meet the needs of UK hospitals. We also have a dedicated Unlicensed Medicines service which means we can source products not available in the UK. This Unlicensed Medicines service is also available to hospitals in the rest of the world, where medicines not available in specific territories (named patient medicines) can be sought and supplied efficiently.

As well as innovative supply chain solutions, within the wider UK Hospital offering, Mawdsleys provide a hospital overlabelling services, a clinical trials service, and have online ordering and account management systems to ease pressure in busy hospital dispensaries.


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Helping ensure patients have access to the drugs they need, when they need them.

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