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Placebos for Clinical Trials

Rapidly sourcing the placebos you need for your clinical trials.

Seeking the right partner who can manage all the product needs for your clinical trials is critical to ensuring your trial stays on track and is delivered within budget.

Via stategic partnerships and appropriate QP (IMP) release, Mawdsleys can also source high quality placebo supplies, and provide overencapsulation services; we can also source all the comparators you need directly from around the globe as well as provide randomisation services.

Mawdsleys offer a range of clinical trial manufacturing services which all conform to cGMP:

• Manufacture of custom made placebos including tablets, capsules, liquids
• Overencapsulation of proprietary products
• Production of matching placebos

To see all of our clinical trial services or to make an enquiry, please click here :

• Sourcing products for Clinical Trials
• Packaging products for Clinical Trials
• Storage of Clinical Trial products
• QP Services
• Distribution of Clinical Trial products

Contact Mawdsleys at info@mawdsleys.co.uk or on +44 (0)1302 553000 to discuss your requirements.


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