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Supply Chain

Providing a reliable supply chain to the NHS.

Mawdsleys have been awarded hospital distribution agreements by over 50 manufacturers, some of which are solus agreements. Overall, we have access to over 16,000 product lines. We are also proud of our very high service levels, which make us the first choice for many hospitals for CMU contracted products.

We also offer bespoke supply chain initiatives to hospitals such as Green Lane (where Mawdsleys will undertake the checking processes hospital clerks would normally have to do upon receipt of a delivery), and Ward Order Assembly (delivering drugs ready for use on wards).

Manufacturers also value our high level of service, and this is why we are nominated distributors for so many products.


Don't just take our word for it...


Having used the services of Mawdsleys for many years I can confirm that we have enjoyed a very successful business relationship. Always demonstrating flexibility in terms of the services they can provide alongside a truly professional and proactive approach to how we work on a day to day basis.

Their approach to handling our products in the Retail, Hospital and Dispensing Doctor trade channels through their sales,marketing and distribution services has been exemplary



We  warmly endorse the role Mawdsleys plays in managing our hospital supplies. They have always been a pleasure to deal with and interact with and they certainly are good at what they do. There is something unique about the company that to us is important and this is one of the reasons we have chosen Mawdsleys to be our distributor for products within Scotland, a decision that was not taken lightly and one that has proved to be beneficial for us.  We are sure that Mawdsleys will continue to grow and prosper in the years ahead, and that we will continue to build on the teamwork of the two companies that we have established so far. Together, we plan to add many more products into the hospital arena.




For manufacturers wishing to learn how to get their product into the hospital supply chain, click here.

For more information please call 0161 742 3360 or email info@mawdsleys.co.uk

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