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Drug Shortage Management

Minimising the impact of supply issues on the patient.

Despite the best efforts of pharmaceutical companies, the supply of medicines into markets in which they are licensed can be interrupted due to unforeseen production, supply chain or regulatory circumstances. When this happens, the key challenge for the pharmaceutical company is to ensure that the impact of this shortage on a patient’s wellbeing is minimised. This can be an especially sensitive and difficult challenge if there are patients for which there are no other clinically viable licensed alternatives available in their home market.

It is this scenario that Mawdsleys work with pharmaceutical companies to quickly source an alternative medicine from outside the affected market and make it available to the patients impacted upon by the shortage.

All aspects of this service can be fully managed by Mawdsleys, from the identification of alternative medicines to the planning and delivery of a communication strategy within the affected market and liaison with prescribers to ensure ongoing demand is met. All this will be undertaken in strict compliance to all of the applicable regulations governing the sourcing, importation and supply of a medicine which is unlicensed in the affected market. This service can remain in place for as long as is required to re-establish the reliable supply of the medicine.   

With a temporary supply solution in place, the pharmaceutical company can focus time and resource into resolving the supply issue in the safe knowledge that patients’ ongoing treatment needs have been fully satisfied. 

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