November 2014 saw the start of one of the largest CMU National Contract Waves.

Mawdsleys were proud to have been nominated for the biggest number of distribution agreements for this wave than any before. To ensure the new contract transition went as smoothly as possible, we provided hospitals with as much information as possible, as early as possible. From September we were informing hospitals which lines were changing supplier and which were staying the same, so workloads could be prioritised.

Our Contract Management team worked hard to ensure the information was in from the manufacturers by mid-October, and well before the 1st November we had distributed to customers the full product lists complete with NPC codes, EAN codes and PIP codes. We also ensured all customers had full stock visibility on Mawdsleys Online (previously E-Awards) in order to show the new product stock levels in advance of the contract start date.

National Sales Manager for Secondary Care, Steve Bolas says, “As a company we truly recognise not only the part we play, but the responsibility we have as an integral link in the supply chain of pharmaceutical product, and in particular our role around contract wave changes. This year we were able to access new contracted stock earlier than before, and provided visibility of this to all of our customers. We hope that this gave you, our customer, increased confidence to use Mawdsleys for products that were awarded via us, and helped to reduce the workload at a time of significant pressure for hospital pharmacy procurement. I want to pay a specific thank you to the Mawdsleys’ head office team in Salford who worked tirelessly around this time in providing you with this support.”