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Sep 18, 2014

Mawdsleys announces new distribution deal with Dr Reddys

Since 1st August 2014, the full range of Dr Reddy’s UK Ltd NHS contracted products has also been distributed via Mawdsleys to NHS hospitals within England, Scotland & Wales.

Dr Reddy’s UK Ltd is keen to offer an enhanced choice of distribution to hospital pharmacy procurement, and see Mawdsleys as the perfect partner to provide that additional supply chain option.

In choosing Mawdsleys, hospitals will be able to:
• Benefit from reliable daily deliveries from their local depot
• Purchase via EDI or through Mawdsleys' online ordering system
• View invoices online
• View contract prices online
• View Dr Reddy’s stock availability online
• Purchase overlabelled Dr Reddy’s products at contracted rates

Stock has been available since 1st August 2014, and hospitals can order Dr Reddy’s products from Mawdsleys through their normal preferred route; i.e. fax, EDI, through the Mawdsleys online ordering system, or by calling their local depot.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact your local Mawdsleys Account Manager.
You may also contact Mawdsleys customer service on 0161 742 3303 or email customer.services@mawdsleys.co.uk
Your Dr Reddy’s customer service contact is Mandy Tindale (Customer Service Manager) - 01482 389858

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