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Jan 26, 2015

New Supply Chain Appointments At Mawdsleys

Mawdsleys have recently announced new appointments in the business which will strengthen further the procurement capacity and support the supply chain for hospital customers.

Gary Winkle has been appointed as the new Purchasing Director alongside Penry Price who joins the company to head up the Generic Purchasing Division. Penry, who joins Mawdsleys from Alliance Healthcare, and Gary, from Co-op Pharmacy, have been appointed to replace existing Purchasing Director Gerry Kennedy, upon his imminent retirement.

Working closely with Mawdsleys' Supply Chain Manager, Kevin Buttress, both Penry and Gary are keen to support the development of Mawdsleys' relationship with manufacturers. Together they have many plans to optimise the hospital supply chain, such as:

- Liaising closely with manufacturers to ensure stock levels are maximised for hospital usage requirements

- Increasing the stock level for new CMU contracted products from day one of new contracts

- Ensuring access to timely information in the event of supply chain shortages

- Ensuring local depot stock Information is available at all times to hospitals

- Moving products between depots as required to maximise stock levels

- Contingency planning as required

Mawdsleys' Supply Chain Manager, Kevin Buttress, says: "It's great to be working with Gary and Penry to strengthen manufacturer relationships. With the support of the Mawdsleys Hospital Contracts Team, and Customer Services Team we are optimising the supply chain so hospital customers have access to the products they need, and ensuring that where problems with supply arise, these are communicated in a timely manner."


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