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Jun 10, 2015

Mawdsleys Expands Regulatory and Pharmaceutical Services Team

Mawdsleys warmly welcomes three new colleagues to support our capability to provide regulatory and pharmaceutical services. Qualified Person (QP) Phil Millward and BDMs Angela McDermott (Clinical Trials Service) and Daniel Belcher (Regulatory and QP Services) all joined the team in May. 

The Mawdsleys regulatory and clinical trials team understands a pharmaceutical company's focus on developing their product portfolio and getting products to market. Navigating the complicated regulatory landscape can be difficult and finding the right partner to license and distribute can alleviate the pressure of satisfying competent authorities, whether that is at clinical trial phase or when a product is market – ready. We have a track record of helping companies in this respect and deliver with a focus on great customer service.

New faces in the regulatory department are Daniel Belcher & Phil Millward (QP). Daniel will be working closely with the Qualified Persons (QP) to continue to grow Mawdsleys fantastic reputation for great customer service. Daniel fully understands the importance of regulatory compliance and is actively seeking to engage companies with solutions to lessen the pressures of satisfying the regulating bodies.

Phil joins 2 other Qualified Persons in the team, expanding Mawdsleys experience and expertise to assist in many areas of regulations. Our QP’s enable clients without an EU presence to benefit from Mawdsleys' extensive experience of accepting pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals into the EU, conducting QP Batch Release and navigating the EU regulations. With current clients manufacturing in countries such as India and Australia we have a proven track record of EU importing (QP release). Daniel is also seeking companies who would like Responsible Person (RP) Services and assistance with any Wholesale Dealer Authorisation (WDA) applications.

Our other new BDM, Angela McDermott, is now the face of Mawdsleys Clinical Trials. With vast experience in the pharma industry, having worked for large pharma including AstraZeneca and GSK for 28 years, she knows all too well how vital an aspect of clinical trials product provision is to the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry.

From bench to bedside, Mawdsleys bring solutions to your IMP / NIMP / placebo / comparator supply chain and provide a high quality service for the provision of clinical trials materials and supporting data. The assistance we can offer in relation to clinical trials is broad and includes services such as Label design and application; Randomisation and code break generation; Blinding of product; Purchasing licenced and unlicensed medicines providing QP declaration and release as well as sourcing of placebos.

We pride ourselves on our highly experienced team who continue to offer a bespoke and quality service to every client; we keep an exceptional customer service at the forefront of everything we do.

Pharmaceutical Services Director Omar Shakoor who heads the regulatory division says:

“We have huge ambitions to grow our regulatory and clinical trials business and bringing on a new Qualified Person and colleagues to seek new clients is key to this ambition. Our customers tell us we provide exceptional levels of customer service and great value for money – I’d like to see many more benefiting from the Mawdsleys experience. ”

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