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Jun 12, 2015

Mawdsleys Aid all Hospital Customers through the July 2015 Contract Wave

The contract wave has come back around and we want to share the work load with all of our customers! At Mawdsleys we believe in working together with our customers to help keep your blood pressure down at this stressful time. 

We have put together a ‘Contract Survival Pack’ which will be in the post to you very soon. The pack will contain some vital information, your product list containing EAN, NPC and PIP codes to help you map your products easily and a few indulgences.

We are available to all of our customers to advise where needed of any potential mapping issues and pride ourselves on our easily accessible Mawdsleys Online system where you can check all product and stock information effortlessly.  

Follow us on twitter @mawdsleys_hosp and let us know what you think of your Contract Survival Pack! 



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