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Jan 21, 2016

FREE NPA WEBINAR 25th January 2016: 'Cuts and Efficiencies in Community Pharmacy'

As you will have already heard the Department of Health and NHS England have recently announced a reduction in funding for community pharmacies.


It also gave a heads up to consultations on ‘new models of ordering prescriptions and collecting dispensed medicines’ and hub and spoke dispensing.  Furthermore, the Department will consult on how best to introduce a ‘Pharmacy Integration Fund’ and a ‘Pharmacy Access Fund’.


Click below to find out how this will affect you



This webinar set up by the NPA will help you to:

 1) Learn more about the Government’s plans

2) Get the NPA’s perspective on how independents could be affected

3) Find out how you can get involved in the NPA’s co-ordinated response


 Click here to register for this free NPA online webinar at 7pm on Monday 25 January


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