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Jun 16, 2016

Pharmacy Cuts Survival Packs: Well Received

Survival Pack Update…We are happy to confirm that all of our Pharmacy Cuts Survival Packs have now been packed, sent, signed and delivered to thousands of independent pharmacies across the country. 

‘Working Together to Secure your Future’ is much more than a campaign slogan, but a work ethos we all believe in here at Mawdsleys. From one independent to another, we endeavour to work alongside you to alleviate any negative effects caused by the cuts.

The survival packs were designed to provide advice from our industry experts such as Omar Shakoor (Pharmaceutical Services Director) on how to best utilise technology to save efficiencies in preparation for the impending pharmacy cuts. Over 1.8 million signatures have been collected so far in the bid to save  pharmacies and although the deadline has been and gone we advise that you continue collecting signatures and showing your support.

Mawdsleys in the Media… As you may or may not have seen our packs have created quite a stir within the media world of pharmacy. Companies such Chemist and Druggist, Independent Pharmacist and Pharmatimes (for full articles please see below) have both shown their appreciation for our survival packs. We are very grateful for the support given and hope that our packs have been well received by all.


Independent Pharmacist: http://bit.ly/28H0o9Q

Pharmatimes: http://bit.ly/1rrG6PL

To view our 'Pharmacy Cuts Survival Guide' Click Here



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