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Sep 20, 2017

Strides Pharma UK choose Mawdsleys as their distributor to hospitals

Mawdsleys will be distributing Strides Pharma UK products to English hospitals as part of CMU contract

Mawdsleys are delighted to be assisting Strides Pharma UK Ltd in distributing the following products to English hospitals for CMU contract CM/PHG/15/5467/01:

Description: Prednisolone Tabs 5mg

Pack: 28

PIP Code: 1106046

EAN Code: 005060057401422


Description: Azathioprine Tabs 50mg

Pack: 56

PIP Code: 1173079

EAN Code: 005031676000181


These products are listed online and available to order now.


With Mawdsleys you will benefit from:

·         Industry-leading 22 days average stock holding

·         EDI or online ordering

·         Live stock levels, prices and invoices, as well as managing back orders, online

·         No minimum order levels

·         Reliable and accurate daily deliveries from your local depot

·         Working together to make efficiency savings


Stock is available now. Order from Mawdsleys through your normal preferred route i.e. EDI, through the Mawdsleys online ordering system, Mawdsleys Online, or by calling or faxing Customer Services.


Should you have any queries, please contact your Mawdsleys Regional Hospital Account Manager. You may also contact Mawdsleys customer service on 0844 736 9016 or email customer.services@mawdsleys.co.uk

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