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Government Contracts

Providing a comprehensive range of services to Government.

Mawdsleys are a full line wholesaler fully equipped to satisfy government contract needs, with over 16,000 products in our portfolio and a wide range of value added services, such as Over Labelling products ready for fast dispensing, sourcing specialist, difficult to obtain or unlicensed medicines.

Mawdsleys are able to offer you a comprehensive range of services within the group, reducing the number of suppliers you have to deal with, and freeing up efficiencies:

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, we were told by 99.9% of respondents that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with our local customer services teams and delivery reliability.

With dedicated customer account teams, out of hours 24/7 emergency support, nationwide regular and reliable deliveries, and the ability to satisfy local stock requests from a national reach, we are well positioned to provide you with the best in customer service.


For more information please call 0161 742 3360 or email info@mawdsleys.co.uk

Helping ensure patients have access to the drugs they need, when they need them.

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