MPW takes the pressure out of
order-taking, invoicing and credit control

Pharmaceutical Order-taking,
Invoicing and Credit Control

MPW can manage order-taking, invoicing and credit control for orders large and small. Whether your customer is an NHS organisation,
healthcare institution or a retail chain, they won’t notice a change in their service.

We offer


Full order
to cash service

Late payment

Client unique

Credit Control &
Finance Management

You can be assured

these areas will be looked after effectively on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on your business development and other business priorities.

We are able to accept orders from, and supply, all NHS Organisations, Healthcare Institutions, Supermarkets and Retail Chains, among others.

Our Customer Services team, based in Doncaster, are able to manage all order-taking on your behalf, and we can provide:

Full EDI


Full interface with your
system, e.g. SAP, Sage, etc

We can also handle much more on your behalf:





Our Credit Control team, based at our head office in Salford, has an excellent track
record and will work hard to ensure your debt collection is managed effectively.

We are always available to assist your customers
in getting the products they need when they need them.

Check Your Real Time Stock Levels, Sales History, Trending Tools, Stock Forecasting, Batch, Expiry Dates & Much More…


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Services that we provide

At MPW our clients can choose from a range of bespoke services, based on your exact needs.

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