Environmental commitments

Our environmental commitments are at
the forefront of all our transport solutions

Mawdsleys is a proud member of The Climate Group’s EV100 scheme, a global initiative which comprises of like-minded companies who are committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) so they become the new normal by 2030. In line with this, we are already in the process of transitioning to a fleet of fully electric vehicles in-line with this target.


We already utilise Trailar solar technology which harnesses the clean power of the sun to reduce the volume of fuel that each vehicle’s alternator requires to generate the energy that runs all of the on-board electrical equipment. Because our fleet of vehicles are fully temperature controlled for ambient and cold-chain transportation, this technology significantly contributes to reducing the amount of fuel required to achieve these conditions.

Monthly decreases
in fuel consumption

Reduced CO2 emissions 
per month

Production of environmentally
friendly solar energy

Every aspect of logistics planning considers the environment, from night trunking on quieter roads where possible, to a national network of depots we operate from that reduce final mile delivery journeys. The use of a sophisticated Transport Management System (TMS) also drives efficiencies in driver behaviour to reduce fuel consumption.


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