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Jul 13, 2016

The First Ever Licensed Gemcitabine Infusion Bags to be Distributed by Mawdsleys

Innovative and ground-breaking developments have been made within oncology treatment, as the first ever licensed Gemcitabine infusion bags receive regulatory approval. 

Manufactured by Sun Pharma to treat patients with ovarian, lung, breast and pancreatic cancer, these ready-to-administer infusion bags will be distributed by Mawdsleys.

This product has been prepared to suit the new NHS England dose bands which are coming into place. The dosages available from Sun Pharma will be suitable for, on average, 70% of oncology patients.

Furthermore, these ready-to-administer bags have been cleverly designed for compatibility with all known infusion lines and come complete with a non-drip spike port. They are available in single packs and can be stored at room temperature. One of the biggest ground breaking developments is the standard two year shelf life that comes with each strength.  For added safety the bag itself is PVC and alcohol free.

Recognising the importance and sometimes urgency of oncology drugs, Mawdsleys are happy to offer Gemcitabine Infusion Bags on either the same or next day delivery.


Hospitals should speak to their Regional Hospital Account Manager or email info@mawdsleys.co.uk about these new products which are available to buy from Mawdsleys now. 



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